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SugarSky x KT Mountain Studio

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Fall / Winter '21 - '22

Our products are handmade in the USA by highly-skilled and well-paid sewers and constructed with made-from-recycled-water-bottles fabric that's printed with sustainable printing processes.

We are thrilled to bring you eco-friendly, made-on-our-soil products.

Our Story

Caring more about our customers than making a buck, we exist to encourage and empower everyone who comes in contact with our gear - those who design, make, sell, buy, gift, and wear it.

Our gear is designed, printed, cut, and sewn in the USA by highly-skilled and well-paid sewers, and constructed with eco-friendly fabric. We are thrilled to bring you eco-friendly products that are made on our soil. 

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UPCOMING Makers Series:
SugarSky X KT Mountain Studio

2020 was a hard year for many - including independent makers and creators whose livelihoods depended on selling their work. We have set out to partner with amazing fellow makers to create custom, one-of-a-kind releases based on the color set from our Fall + Winter collection. 

Our third collab in our Makers Series is with the extremely talented Kim Thompson of KT Mountain Studio. Her studio is a culmination of a lifetime in the west, her advance science degrees and life long passion for art. As a child she spent countless hours coloring and drawing by herself, finding solace even at a young age in the silence and power of creating.

KT's Mountain Studio's manifesto is creating ceramic ware that allows us to enjoy our life including the small daily rituals like coffee, tea, wine, big delicious meals, as well as creating a catalyst for us to connect with our community through food and drink.

We're dropping a very limited release of wine cups and coffee/tea mugs in November :) Join our email list to be the first to know when this next Makers Series goes live!

Empowerment in Every Stitch

We exist to encourage & empower everyone who comes in contact with our gear - those who design, make, sell, buy, gift & wear it.

Proudly Sewn in the USA

All of our products are designed, printed, cut, and sewn by highly-skilled & well-paid sewers in the USA & made from recycled-water-bottle material.

The SugarSky Pact

At the end of the day, our mission is that we are seen as a company that cares more about people and our customers than making a buck.

Fall + Winter '21 - '22

The Lookbook

You can't miss this collection of images showcasing our latest launch! The patterns are seriously to die for!

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