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Spring + Summer '21

Our products are handmade in the USA by highly-skilled and well-paid sewers and constructed with made-from-recycled-water-bottles fabric that's printed with sustainable printing processes. We are thrilled to bring you eco-friendly, made on our soil products.

Our Story

Caring more about our customers than making a buck, we exist to encourage and empower everyone who comes in contact with our gear - those who design, make, sell, buy, gift, and wear it.

Our gear is designed, printed, cut, and sewn in the USA by highly-skilled and well-paid sewers, and constructed with eco-friendly fabric. We are thrilled to bring you eco-friendly products that are made on our soil. 

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Kind Words

OMG YOUR HEADBANDS ARE LIFEEEEE. Also, just got my swimsuit and I LOVE IT! Fits perfectly and I can't wait to wear it to this small biz camp I'm going to this week! YIPEEEEE!  


I got the bathing suit, it is adorable and fits perfectly! The fabric is soo soft and comfy. Can't wait to wear it this weekend!


My yoga pants are AMAZING! Waistbands are always what make or break it for me and they are so snug and stay-put while the material is soooo comfy smooth! 


I have purchased 6 headbands and gifted 2! I legitimately live in my SugarSky! I wear them in every season -- walking to and from work, messy and not messy hair days, under my ponytail hat on sunny days when the wind is high, hiking, fishing, adventuring...I could go on. Everyone loves them how could they not?


I just got one of your bandanas in the mail and I'm absolutely IN LOVE! I'm def going to be getting more! 


I bought two bandanas from you earlier this year-- my friend and I wore them on the JMT. My bandana quickly became one of my favorite things -- I have the fawn/deer print and I wore it around my neck. We dunked them in rivers to cool us off and we blocked harsh sun and we stayed warm in cool mornings as we left our site near dawn.


At 5'10 and having a body shape that resembles a chunky jelly bean merged with a tree trunk, this bathing suit fit perfectly and made me feel confident. Also, looked gorg on my super tall, slender yet curvey :)


I took the headband with me on a backpacking trip this past weekend, and it kept my ears snuggly warm in the wind and rain up in the exposed higher elevations of the Park. Thank you for a product that is not only fun and useful, but also represents the connection I feel with our beautiful public lands. 


Hello! I just received my Sage Green One Piece Suit and omg I love it sooooo much!!! I plan on buying another one from you guys! Amazing!!!! I'm am so happy with it!!!


Empowerment in Every Stitch

We exist to encourage & empower everyone who comes in contact with our gear - those who design, make, sell, buy, gift & wear it.

Proudly Sewn in the USA

All of our products are designed, printed, cut, and sewn by highly-skilled & well-paid sewers in the USA. 

The SugarSky Pact

At the end of the day, our mission is that we are seen as a company that cares more about people and our customers than making a buck.

Spring + Summer 2021
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