Holiday Gift Guide

We put together this gift guide to give you shopping ideas for yourself, your family, and your loved ones. We would be honored if you would choose to shop with us this holiday season!

Our gear is designed, printed, cut, and sewn by highly-skilled and well-paid American sewers, and constructed with eco-friendly fabric made from recycled water bottles + all fabric is printed in the USA. We are thrilled to bring you products that are "made on our soil"!

For Your:
Beach / Lake Loving Friend

Our blanket towels are super cute, reversible, made for the campsite/beach and they don't take up a ton of room in your bag! They are sand/dirt proof and can double as a comfy blanket too! Oversized + adventure ready, gift a super cute blanket towel this holiday season!

For Your:
Furry Four Legged Friend

Our bandanas are a pets best friend! Because they're made from a material that wicks moisture, they dry super fast, are stretchy so that they don't fit too tight around your dog's neck, annnnnd you can buy a matching bandana for yourself!

For Your
Skier / Snowboarder Friend

Our fleece-lined tube is perfect for all your winter activities! Made from comfy, recycled fleece on the interior + moisture wicking eco-friendly material on the outside, they're sure to keep you warm and toasty on those cold ski days! As always, handmade from recycled water bottles!

For Your:
Rock Climbing Friend

UV35+ rated, handmade from recycled water bottles, and wicks moisture very well, our bandanas are the perfect accessory while doing all things active. Gift one to your best rock climbing bud so they can see, feel, and experience the goodness of a SugarSky bandana while at the crag!

For Your:
Camping Friend

Headbands, bandanas, tubes, and blanket towels are all great gifts for your camping friend. Whether needing an all-purpose blanket towel, a tube to keep the smoke out of your face, a bandana to spice up your outfit, or a headband for that 3 day old hair, gift one of these items to your best camping friend this holiday season!

For Your:
Has A Lot of Hair Friend

The perfect stocking stuffer! Our scrunchies are one of our best selling products because of the amount of hair they'll hold up! They're handmade from recycled water bottle material and are made with a very thick elastic to keep that hair UP! Because of all the super cute patterns they come in, they also look so cute while on the wrist :)

For Your:
Gorgeous Gal-Pal Friend

Because our headbands can be worn 4+ different ways, they fit most all sized heads and are such an easy way to fix that no-so-good hair day! Gift a headbands to that friend who's always looking for a good hair accessory!

For Your:
Snowshoeing / Cross Country Friend

Know someone who LIIIIVES in the snow in the winter? Our fleece-lined headbands are sure to keep your ears super warm and toasty for exercise in the winter months!

For Your:
Loves the Water Friend

Our one-piece & two-piece swimsuits are REVERSIBLE! *cue the dance party*! If you've talked to anyone who has owned a SugarSky swimmy before, they most likely have nothing but rave reviews on the magic fabric, comfy, one-piece. Our a 2-in-1, reversible one-piece swimsuit for all figures will seriously bring out your best features. It strikes the perfect blend between too-grandma and too-risqué + the smooth fabric swimsuit is flattering to all body types!

For Your:
Mom / Aunt / Boss / Mentor Friend

SugarSky gear is for all ages! Whether it mom, aunt, mentor, whomever, all the women in my life love wearing bandanas to add color to their outfits! The perfect little stocking stuffer or "thinking of you" gift this holiday season!

For Your:
Best Friend

Our reversible wrap friendship bracelets are the perfect gift for your bestie. Wear one side or the other and know that your best friend is too :) All bracelets are easily trimmable to fit all wrist sizes.

For Your:
Hiker / Backpacker Friend

Getting outside these days is a little bit different. What if you could have a face covering and a cute bandana all in one? You can! All of us at SugarSky always have a bandana on because they're easy to pull up over the face and always spice up an outfit! As always, handmade here in the US out of recycled water bottle material.

For Your:
Trendy Friend

The beautiful thing about our headbands is that they're so versatile! Wear several different ways (turban in front or flat in front) to achieve different looks! Have a friend who always accessorizes to the 'T'? Snag 'em a headband!

For Your:
Girlfriend / Boyfriend

Our tubes are an amazing product for ANYYYYONE! Trying to come up with a fun, handsewn in the USA gift for your sig other? Gift yourself and them a SugarSky tube!

For Your:
Traveler / Van Life / Tiny House Friend

Our bandanas can spice up any outfit. As you can see here, it's worn with the tie in the front. Super compact, easily packable, and can be worn in your hair, around your neck, around a ponytail and more!

For Your:
Hard to Shop for Friend

A gift card is always a safe bet! :) Coming in $10, $25, $50, $100 + values, our gift cards are easy to purchase and are 100% digital. They're sent directly to the inbox of your choosing and never expire.