The Fall + Winter '20 Collection is Here!

YOU GUUUUUYS, it’s here! Our new Fall + Winter Collection is officially LIVE and you have to check it out. If you haven't already, the best place to see allllll of the pics for the new collection is over on the Lookbook page here!

Seriously, prepare to pick your jaw up off the ground as you scroll through this new collection, you’re just going to love it! Even look at that photo above … the happiness is real. 

Let’s start with these reversible blankets … this is literally your dreams becoming your reality.

Then, we couldn’t let you down by not giving you more of the scrunchies that have been handling allllllll of your hair problems for years now! 

Another little sneak peek are these headbands! We want to see that beautiful face of yours so grab a new headband and keep that hair back. Seriously, take a look in the mirror you’re stunning!

I told you we wouldn’t disappoint ... we just don’t have that in us! Now that you’ve got your eyes on some of this brand new merch head over to the shop and snag ya some SugarSky goodies. 

This year has been haaard on a lot of people … let us bring you or a loved one some joy with one of these fall feel good prints that absolutely has to brighten you day in some way!

Love always,

The SugarSky Team


PSS: Y'all, peep these amazing stickers + acrylic pins that our friends over at Stickermule made for us! Watch for these soon on the website... eeeeee! 

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