MAKERS SERIES: SugarSky X KT Mountain Studio

This collab is with our new friend Kim -- the incredibly talented and warm owner of KT Mountain Studio. Her studio is a culmination of a lifetime in the west, her advanced science degrees and lifelong passion for art. When Kim planted roots as a teacher and began working with clay, she knew she had found the way she wanted to share her observations with the world. Scientist and educator by training, artist by passion, with KT Mountain Studio, Kim is looking to seek the intersection of our natural world with vessels that help us slow down to live an intentional life.

Kim shares her mission or as she likes to call it “mountain manifesto” which is about creating ceramic ware that allows us to enjoy our life including the small daily rituals (coffee, tea, wine, big delicious meals), as well as creating a catalyst for us to connect with our community through food and drink. 

From Kim:

Dear Friend, Welcome to the community of KT Mountain Studio. Where these vessels are meant to be a catalyst for you to care deeply about the world around you, both natural and human. I invite you to the open seat at the table where home baked bread just came out of the oven and harvest soup is being served. A community that invokes stories of recent adventures and shares in life's joys and turbulence. Just as equally, this vessel, is an opportunity for you to breath. Seek solace in your morning cup of warmth and make observations of the slow seasonal changes happening around you. To take note of the sun's place in the sky and the daily habits of the migrating birds. Come sit with me, with yourself, and the world around you. Let us dream under western skies. Much Love, Kim”

The specific pieces that Kim designed are inspired by prints from our latest Fall + Winter collection. You will see colors and patterns that scream warm and welcoming:

 You can view the full collection of products here!

The SugarSky X KT Mountain Studio collab is launching Tuesday, November 2nd @ 10am MT with *very* limited quantities. Please be sure to join our email list or follow on insta / turn on post notifications to be the first to know when these are LIVE on the website! 

You can also shop more of Kim's work over on her website and follow her at @ktmountainstudio

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