MAKERS SERIES: SugarSky X Megan Cable

We’re excited for this next collab in our Maker Series on so many freaking levels y’all!

Meet Megan Cable - a number crunching accountant by day and an adventure seeking craft nerd by night. Meg's on a mission to prove to the world that accountants know how to have fun too. She also just so happens to be one of Skyler's very best friends :)

In 2017, Meg left her comfortable San Francisco lifestyle to set out on the road in a converted Sprinter van to see, hear and feel all the amazing things this country has to offer.  Vanlife offered a life changing experience - it changed her perspective on life priorities, allowed her to gain the confidence she needed as a solo female traveler, gave her the opportunity to explore unique corners of the country and led her to meet so many incredible people along the way.  However, this fast paced life on wheels also led her to crave local roots in a community and a lifestyle that did not revolve around constant movement. So in 2020, Meg made the decision to settle down and setup shop in Boise, ID. 

Meg runs her own company where she works with businesses to support their accounting, finance and operational needs. In addition to professional consulting, she is always exploring other creative interests which brings us to these beautiful, one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted woven wall hangings + super cute keychains that she's dreamed up and created in her home studio.

This collaboration has been in the making for a verrrrrry long time. As I said, Meg is my bestie so when she started creating these pieces I knew I a) wanted to support her in any way that I could and b) that the SugarSky community would most certainlyyyyy want their hands on these gems.

So we went for it! Together we came up with the perfect colors that we thought would blend well with our Spring / Summer collection. Meg came up with these bomb designs, and now they're ready for you to call them yours!

Here's a little sneak:

We’re extra excited because this is the first time we are sharing an item that you don’t physically “wear” but that you get to dress up a space with. Add this piece to any room in your home and spice up an area with love that that was put into each and every piece!

Let’s start a slow clap now because these wall hangings deserve it. Check em out here y’all!

Oh and PS: grab ya a cutie keychain too ;)

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