MAKERS SERIES: SugarSky X Refining Dust

Y’all we are so giddy announcing this, but first we want you to hear why we’re starting this.

I have seen the maker community struggling, along with so many others, over the last year. With the notion that our combined strengths are greater than ours alone, I figured there had to be a way we could partner with fellow rad makers for different, fun collections…. like surely there’s a way that we could all support each other while also providing unique offerings to our customers?!

Well, we went for it. The SugarSky X Refining Dust collab is the first of it's kind and we are thrilled to announce that this is the first of MANY collabs to come.

How did this start? A good ole’ instagram scroll turned into Alexa (if you don’t know her yet, she’s my right hand gal and other half of my brain at SugarSky) swooning over Audrey’s work. She sent me multiple photos of earrings she loved and then went ahead and dropped an email to Audrey’s inbox telling her we were dying to work with her.

Now here we are. A custom, collaborative, only-found-here collection that pairs perfectly with our Spring / Summer Collection. 

Sure,we love you rocking your SugarSky gear on your daily adventures but we’re so excited to share with you how we pair SugarSky with other fab brands that we have fallen in love with

Drum roll please as we share these earrings with you!:

You can shop the full SugarSky X Refining Dust Collab here!

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