Oh my stars. I can't even believe a) that 2016 has already come and gone and b) that it's already 2017 which means SugarSky turns 2 this year! Tomorrow,  Saturday, January 21, 2017 in fact! Boyyyy has it been a wild (yet fun) ride! The very first thing I want to say to you is: 

from the bottom of my flipping heart.

There is so much more that I want to express because my heart is SO full right now and I can't refrain from word-vomiting all on this blog-post. I'm not even sorry about because YOU need to hear this!!

SugarSky started back in January of 2015 in my tiny 300sf apartment in Atlanta, GA. My husband and I were both working ridiculously fast-paced (yet lucrative) jobs and, after getting married + moving in together, we decided that there was definitely more to life. Let me explain. Our routine had become - wake up at the butt-crack of dawn, go to work, come home super late, shovel food in our mouths like robots, and pass out... this - on.flipping.repeat.

 So, we did what any smart couple that had been married for 3 months would do... we both quit our jobs.

I know. Psycho. 

People thought we were nuts...sometimes WE thought we were nuts. Well, it gets better. We then expressed to friends and family what we felt should be our next plan - moving back to my hometown in Columbus, MS to design & build a tiny house on wheels with our 4 hands on the little bit of savings we had. Our plan thereafter was to haul it out West to live a more simple life. Sounds simple, right? Not hardly.

[I'll spare you all the painful details, but you can read more about that journey over on @wanderingonwheels if you want!]

But y'all.... we did it:


Well - let me take that back... WE didn't do it. The power of prayer, God's provision, our friends and families love and support, amongst so many other things, are what made this turning-point in our life happen. While we were building the house, however, I took on a full-time, travel-all-over-the-country job to make sure that we could complete the house debt-free. After we hauled the tiny house to Colorado, living tiny truly allowed for me to quit corporate America for good. Next step, running SugarSky full time. Something super terrifying, yet a dream come true all at once.

So here I am and here SugarSky is today. I seriously never imagined in just 2 short years that my days could be and would be consumed with all things SugarSky. I am abundantly thankful.

But here's where you guys come in... and the most crucial part of this story.

This company would be NOTHING without our customers - aka YOU.

[I was seriously about to type the next sentence and I'm at a loss for words]

Ok...I've gotten it back together.

I was at a loss for words because I'm in AWE of the love and support that each and every one of you give to this business. For those of you that know me, us, and have read more about SugarSky - we aim to encourage + empower everyone who comes in contact with our gear (those who design, make, sell, gift, and buy it), but what you may not know is that you all have done JUST THAT to me/us. You've encouraged and empowered us in ways that you probably don't even realize - from gifting headbands to friends & family during the holidays, to incredible product reviews just because, to the emails you send just simply saying you wear your headband, to the fun pattern ideas you submit, to snapping pics in random stores where you see our headbands - I could literally go on for days... that's what keeps us moving forward and I literally don't even know how to express enough gratitude.

Also - the biggest thank you to all of the SugarSky Ambassadors. Y'all are the rad ladies that believed in us from DAY 1 and there are no words to express my thankfulness for that.

A huge shout out, huge virtual hug, and humongous thank you to our staff. Y'all ladies are so crucial & important to this company. I am so grateful for you.

So here we are. 2017. A new (AND ALREADY VERY BIG) year for SugarSky.

We have some great things in store for you amazing people in just a few short months. 

Stay tuned on Instagram + our newsletter for the latest.

...and please, please, please remember, you are the reason that we are here. Thank you for a wonderful 2 years of business.

Here's to more years hanging out with you lovely peeps + more awesome products coming your way.

With every single ounce of happiness & love in my heart,

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Ends Sunday night at midnight PST!


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