From tipis to tropical palm tree leaves and campfires to "You Are's", the Spring + Summer '17 collection is finally here and will launch Wednesday, April 19th at 9:00am MST!

Our VIP peeps (aka subscribers) will be able to shop 24 hours early. Patterns sell out with our VIP shoppers, so be sure to subscribe prior to the launch!

Also! Head over to Instagram (@sugarskyshop) and give us some feedback on your favorite patterns! We LOVE hearing from you!

....and now, some pictures of the new line!

SugarSky Headband - Hand Drawn Lines 1

Shop the new collection here!

Drop us a line/comment or pop over to our Instagram (@sugarskyshop) and let's chat about what your favorite patterns are!

All the love to you, lovely friends of ours!!

-The SugarSky Crew

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