The Spring + Summer '21 Collection is Here!

Friends, we are REEEEALLY excited about this one. Our new Spring + Summer collection is officially here and we’re not going to lie … we think it’s our favorite combinations of patterns to date.

You’ll see why, just wait. Prepare yourself. 

As you scroll through the collection (here!) get ready to get a feel for alllllllll the vibes possible in one collection. We’ve got shapes, cactus, flowers, and more. We’ve got pinks, teals, chartreuse … those bright summer colors to make ya pop, earthy tones when you’re feeling a bit more grounded, and some neutrals for everyone’s fancy! 

We’re so stoked that
scrunchies have become such a hit again because we never want to give them up.

SugarSky scrunchies handmade

We’ve got some new
reversible suits for you! Mix and match, one piece OR two piece, a solid side ANNNND a pattern side … we know ladies so (clap) many (clap) options (clap). Go do your thang this summer!

SugarSky Reversible Swimsuit Handmade

SugarSky made in the usa one-piece swimsuit

The suits are one thing annnnd then there’s the
reversible blanket towels too. Fun, lightweight, and they can match your suit if you want. It’s a win, win.

SugarSky blanket towel made in the usa beach towel
We told you this line was gold! Don’t forget we still have
bandanas, tubes, ANNNND headbands for all your adventure needs. Check em out over at the shop friends!


Thanks for hanging out with us for yet another collection and taking us with you on each and every adventure (we see them all and do a dance every single time).

We looooove you and we love seeing you in SugarSky!

Love always,

The SugarSky Team

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